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Weird Chocolate Ice Cream

I normally don’t eat chocolate ice cream.  In fact, I normally don’t even like chocolate ice cream.  But for this, I had to experience it first hand.

Wrapper.  From the outside, it looks normal.  Except the turtle looks a bit like he’s trying to get frisky with that tiny circle guy.  What??

Looks like a peanut.  Super funny.  Almost too cold to handle.

The ice cream is encased in a balloon.  I have never seen anything quite like this.  Never.

You cut the tip of the balloon and then after the ice cream melts a bit, it squeezes out the top.  But to really eat the ice cream, you have to suck on the balloon.  Soo strange.

:razz: Empty balloon.  Shrunk and shriveled the ice cream has been eaten.  Not bad, but I wish it came in different flavors other than chocolate.  A good coffee or caramel ice cream in a balloon would make me happy.

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My Dreams Were Invaded By Korean

Last night I had a whirlwind variety of dreams.  Everything from seeing my nephew Gavin standing in a sandpit at a park to eating caramel ice cream by a pond.  The weirdest dream of them all was conducted only in Korean that featured family and friends from the States.

Most of the dream was gibberish, but I understood it all.  There were actual Korean words that popped up throughout the dream, but otherwise it was my own twisted version of the Korean language.  Soo strange.

It was funny to see my friends from back home speaking Korean, or at least my own version of Korean.

I woke up laughing.

Oct 18th was the new moon.  Not New Moon as in the new Twilight movie, but new moon as in the lunar cycle.   When the new moon occurs it is a time of new beginnings, things to start fresh, rebirth or growing energy.  Maybe I had the dream with all my family and friends speaking Korean because I’m thinking about going back home.  It was my subconscious merging the two worlds together.  Since I can’t be home now, I just brought them all to Korea.

Who knows….  I wonder if anyone else had weird dreams.

wall paper Lost In Translation 25 Hours After New

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Yay for America!

It’s very strange to be in a place that doesn’t celebrate Independence Day.  Obviously I realize that I am not in America. So, why would anywhere else celebrate July 4th?   Being out of the country has given me a chance to realize all the little things that I take for granted about being an American.  For one, the English language.  I miss the twangy Appalachian accent.  Also, I miss live music.  I’m surprised at how few places have a live venue.  And don’t get me started on the cheese situation over here.

I recall July 4th celebrations in Barboursville park:  massive cookouts, little Summer Adkins and other local artists singing on stage, badminton and other outdoor games, random outbreaks of ‘God Bless America’, and always a big fireworks display.  Those were the days…  Since there will be no cookout for me today;  when you’re eating your delicious hot dog or hamburger, have a bite for me.

God Bless America Disney - Magic Music Mayhem 2:razz:

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Child’s Play

While searching for the perfect stuffed animal… we ran across these:

Kids actually play with these

Kids actually play with these

I laughed soo hard at these weird stuffed animal creatures.  I had no choice but to take pictures and share in my joy.  Even looking at the pictures makes me giggle.  :mrgreen: Needless to say, none of these were purchased.

Penguin Pilot... who doesnt need one of these?

Penguin Pilot... who doesn't need one of these?

I’m finally feeling better.  Yay!  My voice still sounds a bit squeaky, but at least I don’t feel worthless today.

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Fries with that?

We saw something that I did not know existed… or was even needed.

McDonald’s delivers!!!

Weird stuff Ive seen.....

Weird stuff I've seen.....

Now one thing to keep in mind is that, in Korea they don’t get tips.  So this poor delivery boy has to take a Big Mac, fries and a chocolate shake… hop on his scooter… drive across town only a few blocks… take the food to some poor shlubb that couldn’t walk 2 blocks to pick up his own fast food… the delivery guy gets NO tip… then has to drive back to Mickey D’s to do it all over again.

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Geek Alert

We have run across a few things that made us laugh. For example, standing about 10 feet tall was this giant statue of Gandalf.  It was very random… standing beside a building.  I guess they really liked Lord of the Rings.  This was in a town called Itaewan.

Gandalf the White Wizard

Gandalf the White

We also found this piece of iron artwork that resembles a Star Wars Imperial speeder bike.  This was found in a town called Suwon at a store that sold a bunch of random junk.

I know my Geek friends will appreciate this.

I know my Geek friends will appreciate this.

Speeder Bike Yup… it’s definitely a speeder bike.   :mrgreen: Only, their iron version seems to be built backwards.  Hmmm.

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The E-Mart is similar to a K-mart.  It has food on one floor, housewares on another floor, and clothing on a third floor.  We’ve been able to find most everything we need so far.  The prices aren’t expensive and you have to carry your own grocery bags… like Aldi back home.

Weird things I’ve seen in the E-mart grocery store

They like to give away the oddest things with groceries.  Some make sense, others do not.  For instance:

1.  to random boxes of cereal they had taped ear muffs on the outside (this might have been the strangest)

2.  to random bags (now when I say random, it means that not every one had a free gift) of pasta, they had taped a tiny cup of tomato sauce

3.  to giant 32oz plastic beer bottles (“Cass” beer) they had peanuts covered in some malt coating that were tied to the top of the bottle

4.  to random bags of rice they had taped cleaning products to the outside

5.  some wine had free bottle stoppers/ openers

6.  to random boxes of instant coffee they tape a smaller box of a different brand of instant coffee to the outside

7.  some bags of coffee had 1 or 2 coffee filter packages taped to them

8.  other boxes of coffee had pasta sauce taped to the front

9.  a 6 pack of drinkable yogurt will have 2 random yogurt containers taped to the top

10.  random bags of all sorts of products will be taped in pairs… I’m guessing a buy one get one free deal, but again, not all bags have a pair and dates seem to be the same.

11.  various bottles of soda had ramen noodle packages taped to the top

I haven’t figured out if this is clearance stuff they tape to various products just to get rid of them, or if it’s
wanting people to try different products…. who knows.  It’s really humorous and fun to see what strange items will be taped to our groceries next visit.

Thank goodness I enjoy spending time in grocery stores.  It takes forever just to figure out what we need when we can’t read the packaging.

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