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Packing for Thailand

So, in less than a week I’ll be flying to Thailand.  Travels to Vietnam and Cambodia are also in my near future.

Clear waters, sandy beaches, temples, floating markets, jungles and trains….  I can’t wait.

Packing is a draining task.  Thanks to my sister and Skype I have decided what to pack.  I’ll be traveling for 6 weeks in a hot, sticky climate.  This is difficult for me to imagine now because I am still tripping over the snow piles as I walk to work everyday.

This is what I have so far……. all going in my backpack.


  1. khaki shorts
  2. black workout shorts
  3. black skirt
  4. jeans
  5. 7 pairs socks
  6. 7 pairs underwear
  7. 3 bras
  8. 3 tank tops
  9. 4 T-shirts
  10. light weight sweater
  11. light weight over shirt
  12. bathing suit


  1. lotion (face and body)
  2. face wash
  3. Dramamine
  4. Ibuprofen
  5. vitamins
  6. hair pick
  7. toenail polish (red)
  8. toenail clippers
  9. shampoo/conditioner
  10. chapstick
  11. baby powder


  1. light weight blanket
  2. scarf that can be used as a shawl
  3. jean jacket
  4. novel
  5. book of puzzles
  6. pillowcase
  7. calendar/diary
  8. umbrella
  9. wash cloth
  10. laptop
  11. blueberry snack bars
  12. ginger (for nausea)
  13. flip flops

Buying in Thailand:

  1. towel
  2. sunglasses
  3. another bathing suit
  4. sunscreen

Images of 2 Thailand beaches.  Are you jealous yet?

Andaman Sunset 5 - Phuket, Thailand Tri Trang Beach, Phuket

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Time Flies

241 days.  That’s how long I have been living in Korea.  Wow.  Where does the time go?  Only 4 months remain on our contracts and then it’s off to see more of the world.

I’m very excited to be in the research and planning stage of traveling.  Nothing excites me more than to stare at maps and google cities to discover what I can get into in that particular part of the world.   Plus, I just found this amazing site for cheap airfare around South East Asia.  Jetstar Airways has a flight from Bangkok to Singapore for only $66!  This will make traveling soo much easier.  Not to mention less time on a bus for me to get motion sick.  I’d recommend this site to anyone wanting to travel around on this side of the world.  I’m just in the beginning phase of planning, and things will change a million times before we actually leave Korea.  Actually, I’d love some suggestions.  I’m open to about anything.

My travel ideas, in no particular order or preference:

Thailand– Food, that’s what tops my list of what I want to see and do in Thailand.  I love Thai food. But floating markets sound really cool.  I will not, however, be riding an elephant.

Panang Curry

Singapore – City of Lights… this is where my grandmother says I have to go, so I’m going.  Sentosa seems really cool.  It’s home to Asia’s largest aquarium.

St Andrew´s Cathedral, Singapore

Bali – canoeing in gorgeous waters, biking around volcanoes, lounging on beautiful beaches

Bali, Rethymno

Laos– Did you know it was settled by the French?  I didn’t.  The capital, Vientiane, is absolutely gorgeous.

Putaxai Monument

Cambodia – I want to visit Angkor Wat.  It’s a must see for everyone.

Angkor sunrise

China– Forbidden City would be amazing, Great Wall of China (of course), and I’d love eat Chinese buffet just because it’d be soo funny to me.

Great Wall of China, Mutianyu

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