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Good Food… Good Times

I love to discover that there is yet another amazing place to dine in Sanbon.  It’s hidden away in the basement of a giant building near the subway station.  Once inside the restaurant you are surrounded by deep hues of red and purple, curtains hang around many of the tables, candles are lit, pillows line the floor, a crystal chandelier hangs over a small pond full of shiny rocks, and the smell of food makes you salivate.  Sadly, I don’t even know the name of this restaurant.

This place is wonderful in that it brings all the food out in various courses.  The food just keeps coming and coming.  If you want more of one of the courses, they’ll bring out more of that course.  It’s great.   We ate salad, potatoes, pineapples, 3 types of beef, chicken curry and grilled teriyaki chicken.  There was soo much food that we only ordered more of one of the beef dishes.  The spices were unique in that I couldn’t even begin to describe them.  I will be going back to this place for sure.

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Uncle Tomato’s

A new restaurant has opened up between our apartment and work.  How convenient.  It’s called Uncle Tomato and it is meant to be an Italian restaurant.  The menu does have spaghetti and serves pasta with various meats, but it doesn’t look anything like an Italian bistro and serves things like breaded pork chops.  Nana’s Kitchen came to mind when I entered this establishment.  We were surrounded by ruffled curtains, ceramic cow figurines, pink doilies and white scalloped lamp shades.

It was the giant red sign that made us drool.  It was a 1 + 1 rib meal deal for only 23,000 Won (~$20).  Who can resist BBQ ribs, french fries and a salad?  We couldn’t.  Pork BBQ ribs aren’t exactly Italian cuisine either… but nothing in Korea ever makes perfect sense, so it’s OK.  Seth’s face is priceless.  He hates when I take pictures of him and I made him smile for this … so he looks really funny, I think.

Surprisingly, our meal looked very similar to the picture on the sign.  Usually that never happens.  Needless to say these were the best ribs we have eaten in a long time.  The BBQ sauce tasted like BBQ sauce… and not some horrible concoction of Korean fusion cooking.  The sides were pickles that almost tasted like dill pickles but not quite and jalepenos.  Strange combination.  The picture on the right is Seth’s plate… he didn’t lick the plate clean, but he did eat the entire rack of ribs.   Three ribs remained on my plate… and actually that’s my tomato that I threw on his plate.

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6 Month Mark

In case anyone has been wondering… Seth and I have been in good ol’ Sanbon, South Korea 6 months.  It’s flown by like a race car on the winning lap.  I can hear the cheers and whistles…  somewhere in the midst of all this people are doing the Wave.  I miss a good crowd Wave, the kind you’d find at a football game.  Actually, I don’t see Koreans doing the Wave… it’s not something they would get into, I do not believe.  It would more likely be a 1 or 2 person wave… maybe a small section of foreign English teachers getting into the excitement if only to cause the Koreans to stare and take even more pictures than usual.


This collage displays just a few glimpses into our lives.  Whether it be venturing into a new part of Seoul, eating different types of local cuisine, singing very poorly in a Nore bang (singing room), walking to work together everyday, laughing at all the crazy English translations, learning a new language, being able to spend time together…. we are enjoying life.

Top 5 favorite things about our time in Korea: :mrgreen:

1.  Free time – I get to work on crafts, cook meals, read books, practice guitar, take walks and I forgot how awesome sleep could be

2. Cham chi Kim baps – cooked tuna sushi-like roll ups with rice and veggies  YUM!

3. Palaces – how awesome is it that I get to roam ancient royal palaces

4. Riding the subway – it’s fun and easy… plus I like to travel while reading or watching video podcasts

5. Spending time with Seth… which is something I did not get to do very often back home due to school and work schedules

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Sanbon Park

I love going to the park.  It’s such a nice place.  Sometimes we’ll play on the courts,  sometimes I work out on the equipment, sometimes I just eat my lunch there and watch the other people. It’s located in the center of town, so it’s always full of people.

Giant grass sculptures

Giant grass sculptures

Aren’t those cows just the greatest things you’ve ever seen?  Sooo creative… Love these!

:razz: It is Friday again… these weeks seem to be flying by soo fast.  We have been here about 130 days!  I’ll be visiting home in a mere 4 days… super excited to see everyone for a few days.

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Former Korean President

Not being Korean, Seth and I were not really affected by the death of their former president, Roh Moo-hyun.  He jumped off a cliff while hiking on May 23.  People here were very mixed about him.  There were a few riots in Seoul, that we knew nothing about until after the fact.  In Sanbon, they set up a Memorial for him.  People lined up in massive lines to pay respect.  It was a very sad and humbling event to witness.  They took off their shoes, and some had flowers to lay in front of his picture.  The memorial was up from Wednesday night to Friday night.  Each day something new added.  More flowers, another tent, candles, prayer flags…

Memorial in Sanbon

Memorial in Sanbon (last night of the memorial)

Daytime pic

Daytime pic (on the 1st day)

Prayer Flags

Prayer Flags

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Who Doesn’t Love Water?

I love the fact that there is a water fountain people are allowed to play in. Kids are permitted to have fun splashing one another. It’s great. The water in the “pool” area is maybe a foot deep… and in the background there are 2 arches that rain water. It’s only on when the day is hot… and at times when kids would be downtown. It’s such a nice thing for a city to do for their citizens.  Gotta love Sanbon.

Downtown Sanbon Water fountain

Downtown Sanbon Water fountain

As hot as it has been in the last few days, I may find myself enjoying this fountain.  :mrgreen:

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Just An Ordinary Weekend

Saturday was a perfect example of why I love living in Sanbon.  I was on my way to the store and heard music.  Of course, I was curious.  There is a permanent wooden stage set up in the downtown area of Sanbon.  The stage was full of color.  It was a full day of traditional Korean music, dance and song.  The costumes were gorgeous.

I was the only white person watching the entertainment. I guess the woman in charge thought it was fabulous that I was there because she actually came and asked if I would mind posing for pictures with her and some of the singers. Very weird. Unfortunately, I did not get anyone to take a picture with my camera.

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Sushi is Yummy

Koreans say that sushi was a stolen idea.  They say that Japan took their idea and told the rest of the world it was their own.  I have no idea where sushi originally came from… but I love it all the same.  Thank you to whoever it was that decided to roll various vegetables and meat in rice and seaweed…. genius.

Kimbap is the Korean version of what I would call sushi.  It is very simple.  When I think of sushi I think of the Dragon Roll or Philadelphia Roll…. or any sushi dipped in wasabi mixed with soy sauce.  Somedays it’s the wasabi  that I crave and not even the sushi.

Kimbap isn’t as flashy as sushi… but still very tasty.  It’s also very cheap.  I can get an entire kimbap roll for about $1.  There’s even a 24 hour place on the first floor of the apartment building… it comes in handy.

Kimbap RollsKim BapKimbap

Here in Sanbon there is a really good sushi restaurant that serves “California Sushi”.

Seth even tried Octopus sushi....

Seth even tried Octopus sushi....

It’s weird because here in Korea they put these strange sauces on every sushi roll.  The roll on the right (what a typical roll looks like here)  is covered in shredded cabbage, almonds, and a sweet sauce.  The roll that is behind the octopus is covered in a mustard sauce, fish eggs, and avocado.   Sometimes I get this green sauce that I thought was going to be a wasabi sauce at first… turned out to be a kiwi pineapple sauce.  This is not quite like the Spicy Tuna Roll that I love soo much back home… but I haven’t been to Japan yet, so I don’t really know what “real” sushi is, as of now.  It’s on my list of things to see/eat while I’m over here.

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Suri Suri Magic Festival

It was the 2nd Annual Magic Festival held in Gunpo.  (Suri Suri Magic Festival) The weekend kicked off with fireworks! We could see them from our apartment window… very cool.

Saturday there was a parade, albeit a short parade, still fun to watch.  A stage was set up with entertainers.  Costume Animals were walking the area.  Food vendors were out in full force and we even had a guy give us a freshly made rice cake for free. We were walking by and this machine was making a loud POP noise.  Of course, we were curious.   This guy was sitting on the ground just laughing and having a good time.  Then, every few seconds, a rice cake would fly out of this contraption into a wire cage.  These rice cakes are kinda like the Quaker Rice Cakes from back home, but these are flatter and wider… and made fresh, right in front of us. We accepted the rice cake and it was delicious.


This is a scene of downtown.  We were taking a coffee break.  It was rainy but felt great outside.  I was hoping to see more “magic” or at least some tarot readers.  Seoul has many tarot readers, all over the city, so I expected them to be here too :?: Overall, it turned out to be a nice day for a Magic Festival.  :mrgreen:

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Spring has Sprung

It’s warming up.  The flowers are blooming and the scenery is looking even more stunning.  Cherry Blossoms line the streets of Sanbon.  It’s gorgeous.  I love walking around this town.

View from skywalk.

View from skywalk.

Our building is on the right… it’s just beyond the reddish building.  The big mountainside you see in the background is Surisan (Suri Mountain).

I finally made it to the post office today.  I’ve been meaning to do that for at least a month now.  :smile: It’s Easter weekend… I hope everyone has a  nice holiday.  We miss everyone and will be thinking about you all.

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