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Taen Airfield

We got to visit the Taen Airfield and fly around in a plane.  Seth actually took control and flew the plane for a while!

The airfield was in the Anmyeondo region of Korea.  It is south-west of Seoul.  From Itaewon the bus ride was around 3 hours… not too bad.

No real instruction was given.  “Move your arms right to fly right, and move your arms left to fly left…”  The seat belts didn’t even work.  But our instructor pilot was amazing.  I have never felt a smoother landing, a baby could have remained asleep the entire flight.  (well maybe not during take off because we had the windows open and the wind was a bit crazy)

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The 30 Hours Back to SK

I have never been in an airport this much in my entire life.

7am – left Huntington

4pm- left Cincinnati

11:30 pm – left Los Angeles

3:50am – arrived in Seoul

I did, however, have time to decompress from my visit and think about how lucky I am.  I really do have a wonderful family and an amazing group of friends.  It was nice to chill and read a book while hanging out in the various airports.  I knew I’d have this horrendous travel time, but it was worth every minute.

My plane from Cincy to LA

My plane from Cincy to L.A.

Amazing sunrise from the plane

Amazing sunrise from the plane

Its soo cool to be above the clouds

It's soo cool to be above the clouds

When looking down onto the clouds, I always look for patterns.  Things take shapes just like they do when I look up at them.  But from a plane I see landscapes… which makes sense, I guess.  I see mountains and rivers.  Sometimes I see giant swirl areas, which are gorgeous, but always make me think of tornadoes.  There is just something peaceful about being high in the clouds.  This is the only part of flying that I enjoy.

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Back Already

Real quick post to say that I’m back in Sanbon, safe and sound.  I feel amazing.  Thanks for the recharge.  I didn’t realize how much I missed hugs until I was back home and remembered how many hugs are available to me.

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On a Jet Plane…

Tuesday 3pm, I’m on a plane bound for West Virginia. It’s odd because I land at 9pm in Huntington… but I’m traveling a whole heck of alot longer than 6 hours. It’s good for traveling in that direction, coming back to Korea is a whole other story.

Think happy “no-crashing-of-planes” thoughts for me. It’s a bit unnerving for me to fly by myself. I’ve done it before, but it’s not something I think I’ll ever get used to doing.

I’ve got a few things to take back to WV, but mostly my suitcase is empty… it has room to bring back lots of goodies with me.  I have a huge shopping list!


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