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Two Parks in Sanbon

Holy crap, I just discovered that Sanbon has 2 parks!  It’s on the other side of town and it’s fabulous.

Actually, I’ve never seen it in daylight.  One night I was walking home with friends.  We had been in the next town over.  My friend knew a shortcut through a park.  This park:

A shrubbery orchestra… how cute is this?

Tennis and basketball courts are surrounded by a car-less walkway.   It’s conveniently located between a giant apartment complex and an Elementary school.  So the children going to and from school never have to cross a busy street.  It’s great.

I shouldn’t be surprised that there is another park.  Sanbon is surrounded by mountains and trees.  I’m sure there are parks in about every direction I walk.

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Sanbon in Autumn

Leaves are just starting to change.

Cool winds blow most of the day.

Being outside is fantastic.

Just recently, creatures made of twig and grass have appeared in the park.  I never know what is going to pop up around town.  It’s quite the amusing yet aesthetically pleasing sight to see.

This will look cool in the snow.

Why not monkeys?

There are 3 flying in the park.

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Sanbon Park

I love going to the park.  It’s such a nice place.  Sometimes we’ll play on the courts,  sometimes I work out on the equipment, sometimes I just eat my lunch there and watch the other people. It’s located in the center of town, so it’s always full of people.

Giant grass sculptures

Giant grass sculptures

Aren’t those cows just the greatest things you’ve ever seen?  Sooo creative… Love these!

:razz: It is Friday again… these weeks seem to be flying by soo fast.  We have been here about 130 days!  I’ll be visiting home in a mere 4 days… super excited to see everyone for a few days.

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It’s like volleyball and soccer combined.  The net is lowered and they’re not allowed to use their hands.  It seems to be a regular soccer  ball… maybe a tad bit smaller. All of these men are wearing uniforms if you can’t tell.  I compared it to a bowling league from back home.  Except that guys back home wouldn’t be caught dead in metallic gold and silver shoes. Too funny! :grin: It’s just a very physically fit bowling league.

Hopefully, you can see the video… it’s a bit dark and just a quick snipit of their game.  I don’t understand all the rules.  I had to look up the name even… Sepak Takraw (Kick Volleyball) .  People play this game all the time in the park.  It is apparently native to the Southeast Asia region. Fascinating. I want to try this game.

I still can’t get over how nice the city park is. There is always light, it is always clean, and there are flowers planted in out of the way areas to make it look nice. This is only 1 side of the park… just behind us is a walking area and practice soccer field and bleachers. Plus, there’s almost an entire gym’s worth of workout equipment for anyone to use. Very nice.

You can see  E-Mart in the background.

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