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Traditional Tea Ceremony

The tea ceremony was held at Gyeongbokgung (Palace).  This was the third tea ceremony to be held this summer.  It focused on the daily tea ceremony using powdered tea with a lecture on the health benefits of tea.

My favorite tea was the Hibiscus tea, it was red and sweet.  Everyone walked along the table sampling the various teas, most of which were cold, and several different rice cakes.  Beautiful table cloths in blues, purple and silver were covered in real flowers and gorgeous serving ware.  It is always fun to see the traditional hanbok outfits because they are just stunning.  Along with the tea lecture and tasting, there was traditional music being played.  I do enjoy Korean culture.

Palace grounds.  A very peaceful place.

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Jongmyo Royal Shrine

We finally got to visit some of the Korean palaces.  The Jongmyo is the royal ancestral shrine of the Joseon dynasty (1392-1910).  Spirit tablets of the kings and queens are enshrined here.  This place was amazing.         *it made for a fabulous Valentine’s Day*

 Now, of course, this place has been re-painted and many of the stones have been put back into place… but it still had that ancient feel. There are several other palace grounds that we want to visit, and hopefully will get to do that soon. We have no idea what’s going on this weekend yet, but we’re thinking about touring more of Seoul. We could go up there every single weekend and never see it all.

Oh, and that day we saw the palace grounds… we found a Mexican restaurant!  Talk about making my day.  :grin:  It wasn’t exactly Rio Grande and they don’t have cheese dip, but it was good. 

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Palace Grounds – Botanical Observatory

Everything was soo beautiful.  I can’t wait to go back in the Spring when all the trees are in bloom because I’m sure it’ll be even more amazing. These are pictures from the Observatory that was on the Palace grounds.  I was amazed from the first plant to the last.  Just about every plant, I had never seen before.  I wish I could bring some of these home with me.

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Checking out the Area

On the first trip to Seoul, I finally got to see something that made me really feel I was in Asia. :mrgreen:

Wall of an old Palace
Wall of an old Palace

The palace is gone, but sections of the surrounding wall still remains.  Wait until you see the preserved Palace grounds pictures.  There are 2 very near us and we got to visit them this past weekend.

Now, of course, you can still see the high rise buildings in the background and across the street was a convenient store… but the wall was cool.

OH, and I finally took a picture of one of the weird “deals” they give at the E-mart.
Buy noodles, get paper towels

Buy noodles, get paper towels

I mean, how random is this?  These are taped on the side of the packages.  :?:

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