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More Street Food

At all hours of the day and night delicious food can be found.

Fish biscuits are a common street food.  I’ve seen them in every part of Seoul I have visited.  My students eat these too.  They’re cheap and yummy.  (I’ve never actually eaten one, but I hear all about them.)  They’re a sweet bread filled with a bean paste.  Usually costing only 500Won ~ $0.45.

Ahhhh, mandu.  Meat or kimchi filled dumplings.  Every night, like clockwork, a mandu truck sits in random spots throughout Sanbon.  It’s always packed with people enjoying these tiny cones of goodness.  To accent the mandu, there is always a warm broth you can drink for free.

Egg bread is usually the I’m-about-to-get-on-the-subway-snack.  It’s cornbread with an egg cooked in the center.  Two of these for 1,000Won.  Seth rarely ever passes these up when heading into Seoul.

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Things always look better at night with lights shining bright. These are some shots of Busan Tower.   This tower soars up 120 meters high standing on a 69-meter high hilltop.  I think the tower looks soo much cooler at night.

Daytime Daytime
Night time

Night time

These are just some more shots of Busan. We are definitely going back. It was such a fun and beautiful place to visit.

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