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Market Food

YUM. Corn pancakes from the Anyang Market.

It starts as a bowl of cooked corn.  Scooping big cup-fulls into this stone grinding mechanism the corn turns to mush.  Once the mush accumulated, other ingredients were added.  Two types of onions, garlic, bean sprouts and maybe carrots are all mixed together with the corn mush and then fried like a pancake on a flat grill.

Corn grinder.

This is at the market in Anyang.  I was thrilled to find this food vendor because I could actually eat this corn pancake since there was no wheat involved.  It tasted wonderful.

There are a few seats around the grill for people to sit and enjoy these culinary creations.  Other than corn pancakes, they made some sort of meat pancake too, but we didn’t try those.

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I Love Fish Markets

I am like a little kid in a candy store when it comes to open markets. Everything fascinates me and I could spend all day there. Nampo-dong had a giant fish market. It was down the street from our hotel, and very close to the subway stop. We got to see some weird fish, people gutting and hanging fish up to dry, and if I didn’t know any better I’d think there were no more fish left in the ocean after seeing the vast amount of fish in this place.

A giant group of French speaking tourists were walking around… it made me laugh because I understood more of their conversations than I did the other Koreans in the market.

We had lunch in the market too. Seth wanted to try a whole grilled fish. To my surprise, it was the best fish I have ever eaten.

Our lunch... and yes theres a fish head  :-)

Our lunch... and yes there's a fish head 🙂

It may look gross, but don’t let the appearance fool ya… that fish was tasty.  I don’t like that about much seafood either, but this really was good.  A very short woman was standing outside of this random fish booth (like about 100 other booths) and held up her hand and said that a grilled fish was only 5,000 Won. (obviously, she said this in Korean)  Seth grabbed my arm and we went inside.  I’m not sure of what the spices were on the outside of the fish, but it was just thrown on an open grill… that’s it.  Nothing fancy at all.

This was the aftermath:

Lunch was Yummy.

Lunch was Yummy.

The red stuff was hotsauce… in case you were wondering.

Now our next plan is to grill an entire fish at home… I think it can be done.

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Market Foods

In the Anyang Market the booths alone were entertainment enough for the day.

Some of the booths sold food that we had no idea what it was and couldn’t even guess.

People take great care in their booths. All the food was rearranged constantly and made to look appealing.  Soon, I hope to go back to this place and pick up some more fresh produce.  It’s fascinating.  I definitely left this place very hungry.  Actually we left here and went to Baskin Robins for some ice cream.  Talk about a perfect day.  :mrgreen:

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Anyang Market

This past weekend, Seth and I went to Anyang.  It’s only 3 subway stops from our apartment.  This town had a HUGE market.  I love markets, and could honestly stay in them all day and never get bored.  I love looking at all the different foods, all the people shopping, all the bright colors of the produce… it’s just amazing to me.

Entrance to the market was lined with clothing shops

Entrance to the market was lined with clothing shops

Seth in the market

Seth in the market

Seth’s face is a bit dark, but you can see the flags high in the background and all the bright lights.  It was extremely crowded (just like everything else in Seoul).  The middle of the aisles were lined with tiny food stations.  20-30 different stations were all selling the exact same food items.  It was weird.  Only 4 or 6 people could sit at each station to eat at one time.  Almost all of them were full too.

This place kept going and going… every time we turned, there was another long aisle.

Tomorrow I’ll put up some pics of the food booths.  Today it’s a bit cloudy and cool outside.

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