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More Street Food

At all hours of the day and night delicious food can be found.

Fish biscuits are a common street food.  I’ve seen them in every part of Seoul I have visited.  My students eat these too.  They’re cheap and yummy.  (I’ve never actually eaten one, but I hear all about them.)  They’re a sweet bread filled with a bean paste.  Usually costing only 500Won ~ $0.45.

Ahhhh, mandu.  Meat or kimchi filled dumplings.  Every night, like clockwork, a mandu truck sits in random spots throughout Sanbon.  It’s always packed with people enjoying these tiny cones of goodness.  To accent the mandu, there is always a warm broth you can drink for free.

Egg bread is usually the I’m-about-to-get-on-the-subway-snack.  It’s cornbread with an egg cooked in the center.  Two of these for 1,000Won.  Seth rarely ever passes these up when heading into Seoul.

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Street Food

Sometimes shopping on the roadside can be fun.  I love how people sell fresh fruit and veggies on the street.

2000 Won is about $1.35 right now
2000 Won is about $1.35 right now

Another thing I love to eat is roasted chestnuts.  People sit with a small fire and roast chestnuts on the roadside.  They sell them super cheap, and they’re soo good.  Just before I moved here, was the first time I had even eaten one of these tasty treats.  (Thanx to Stacey for taking me to that really amazing coffee shop) 

Obviously, they don’t only sell fresh food on the streets.  Seth has gotten this (what he said was yummy) cornbread-like muffin with an egg cooked in the middle.  They also sell dumplings, called Mandu, out of small carts or trucks.   If anyone buys mandu, your friends can get free broth… that works out well for me.  Another big thing here is Waffles.  People go crazy over waffles… almost like a belgian waffle.  They eat them plain, covered in various fruits, or dipped in chocolate.  But these things are everywhere. 
Seth and I ate the most amazing Tuna salad today for lunch.  The fish is amazing over here… even the stuff in a can.  :grin:  Tonight we’re going to the Bacon place for dinner… again.  Tuesdays (today) we don’t get off work until 10, and we’re usually too tired to actually cook food… and this place is on our way home… can’t help ourselves.  I had a horrible headache yesterday, and thankfully today it is much better. 

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