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The Lull

Lately it has been quite normal in the Land of the Morning Calm.   There has been a sea of new faces matched with a wave of familiar faces leaving Korea.  When summer session ended, schools brought in their new teachers.  Soon, even at our school, we’ll have a new co-worker.  Seth and I have been here for just about 7 months so we’ve had time to make friends and be sad to see them move away.

I believe the most exciting news I have to report is that we rearranged the apartment, again.  I think it’s working out nicely.  We got rid of one of our couches.  Yes, this tiny shoebox of an apartment had two couches!  Neither of us sat on this ugly-orange nasty couch with rips and tears that we taped with green duct tape.  That allowed us to move everything around, freeing up a huge area.

Pictures around Sanbon:

times Royal Azalea Hill at Gunpo IMG_0609

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Normal Life

Really, there’s nothing exciting going on with us.  This week has been “normal” living.  We’ve cooked some good meals at home and have been going to work.  Seth has discovered that he likes ‘The Office’… as he never watched tv back home due to lack of time, here he has some time to kill.  I’ve been catcing up on ‘Smallville’ and ‘Lost’. 

:mrgreen: Thank goodness we are both feeling better and have begun to adjust to the crazy 14 hour time difference.  I wouldn’t say that we’re completely used to it now, but at least we’re not walking around in a daze anymore like zombies. 

Dango I have discovered that I love rice cakes.  It’s not like the rice cake you’d think of… more like soft, puffy rice pasta.  They eat them soooo many different ways, but I really like them fried and covered in a spicy sauce. Talk about “YUM”.  This place, near our school, sells them 5 or 6 on a stick for about .40 cents.  It’s a great snack between classes.  I can run down, grab a stick, and be back upstairs ready for the next class in no time at all.

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The past few days it has been extremely cold and windy.  Thank goodness Spring is just around the corner.  I can’t wait to try out my badminton equipment.

Finally, I found a comfy blanket to curl up with on the couch.  Yay!  E-mart had some on sale… and I found one that was just like one I had back home.  It’s silly to think that a blanket could make me soo happy, but it does.

Seth went with our coworker to a PC room and played some weird Attack computer game. They died a bunch and had to have the PC kid use Korean Logins for them… otherwise they couldn’t have played. But both of them said it was fun… and the PC rooms always give out free coffee and have comfy chairs. :smile:

Today is Fat Tuesday… and not a mardi gras bead in sight.  I guess it’s not exactly a Korean holiday.  If we feel better, tonight Seth and I may go out to see if anything is going on.  I’ll be thinking of last year around this time… Robbie Gras!  My friend’s birthday party was mardi gras themed, soo much fun.  (Happy Birthday to Kristen, Robbie, Tara and Alishia… all happen close together)

Bead Tree on St. Charles Mask 1

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Apartment pics 2

So here are more pics of the apartment.  We think we have things moved around to our satisfaction, but who knows… things may change again.

Seth playing guitar....

Seth playing guitar....

From the front....

From the front....

You can see my laptop in the window in the back… right now it’s the only place I can pick up internet service.  The apartment is quite cozy and we like it.  Thank goodness we like each other, otherwise this would be extremely close quarters.  :grin: Finally… the kitchen, in it’s entirety!

not much there... ugh

not much there... ugh

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