So I was walking around Sanbon the other day.  It was a sunny gorgeous day and people were crowding the streets.

At one of the crosswalk areas some cars were parked along the roadside.  This giant black SUV-type of vehicle was parked with its nose sticking a few inches into the crosswalk area where the white lines are painted.

Well, there was this little old lady walking in front of me.  She was super tiny, short and a bit hunched over.  Head to toe baby pink outfit complete with matching hat and shoes.  When the light changed for us to walk she did a sort of shuffle/stumble and fell onto this black vehicle.

The lady somehow thought the car was moving.  It must have freaked her out because she started to hit the trunk and yell at the car.  Keep in mind, this is a parked car with no one in the front seat.  Fingers pointing, fists pounding, head shaking… this little lady kept giving it good to the SUV.

I couldn’t help but laugh.

Finally, the lady decided she had given her peace of mind and went on her way.

It’s the little things in life that keep me smiling… even if it is at the expense of a cute little old lady.

17/365 Toys: Smile

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