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This blog should have been written months ago, but maybe I’ve needed some time to process…

Traveling in South East Asia was amazing.  Words do not capture the beauty I have seen in Thailand and Cambodia.  I never imagined myself going to either of these countries, or even Korea for that matter, but I am very glad I got to experience them with Seth.  I am forever changed.

One year in Korea and it feels like a dream.  That’s the only way to describe my time there.  I have been home for several months now and when I speak of Korea, it feels like some wild amusement park ride.  That “thing” I did last year.  It doesn’t feel like real life to me for some reason.

Here in the States there are responsibilities and commitments.  I have to pay soo much money to have a phone, computer access and gas for my car.  The few responsibilities I had in Korea were minor and without serious consequences.  That was a major change from my life prior to moving to Korea.  I learned how to relax and chill out, finally.

I am happy to be able to shop for clothes and shoes again.  That part is nice.  I also enjoy having a full kitchen again with the ability to cook just about anything I want to eat.  Most of all, I’m happy that I get to see my nephew and the rest of my family.  It’s difficult to be away from the people I love.

People ask me if I would recommend moving to Korea and teaching for a year… I say, Go for it!  The money is great and you might get lucky to meet some fantastic people in the process.  Just keep an open mind and be willing to try new things.  Before Korea I had never eaten fish with the head and tail still attached, I had never eaten soo much cabbage in my life (and if I ever eat cabbage again, it’ll be too soon), and I had never seen soo many men wearing pink sparkle ties.

The world is a giant place and I think it’s wonderful to experience as much as possible.


I will be teaching Science at my Alma Mater!  Life goes on and I’m excited about my next adventure.  I’m also working on a food blog.  Since I won’t be traveling the globe eating exotic cuisine, I decided to write about my own culinary masterpieces.

Thanks for following along on my journey.  It’s been a wild and wonderful ride.

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I miss football

I don’t have anything exciting or new to write about.  Just that as of today, 106 days remain on our contract.

Lately, good ol’ West Virginia has been on my mind.  Football season always makes me think of home, mostly my dad, for obvious reasons.  Marshall has won 4 games, lost 2.  This is the first year, probably in  my entire life, that I haven’t attended a single home game.   Oct 17th is the Marshall vs. WVU game and I really wish I could watch this game live, but it’s going to be impossible.  My thoughts go out to all the Herd fans next weekend.

Marshall Flag

Also, my little nephew Gavin… he’s such a cutie.  I miss him and my sister, Angela.

love his little curls

love his little curls

My mother sends pictures of Gavin almost daily.   The latest picture update; eating an apple and watching something very intently.

Most exciting, right now, is the news that Stacey is coming to visit me!  November 3rd- 10th she will be here in Sanbon to experience all the weirdness that Korea has to offer.  I cannot wait.

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Yay for America!

It’s very strange to be in a place that doesn’t celebrate Independence Day.  Obviously I realize that I am not in America. So, why would anywhere else celebrate July 4th?   Being out of the country has given me a chance to realize all the little things that I take for granted about being an American.  For one, the English language.  I miss the twangy Appalachian accent.  Also, I miss live music.  I’m surprised at how few places have a live venue.  And don’t get me started on the cheese situation over here.

I recall July 4th celebrations in Barboursville park:  massive cookouts, little Summer Adkins and other local artists singing on stage, badminton and other outdoor games, random outbreaks of ‘God Bless America’, and always a big fireworks display.  Those were the days…  Since there will be no cookout for me today;  when you’re eating your delicious hot dog or hamburger, have a bite for me.

God Bless America Disney - Magic Music Mayhem 2:razz:

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Back Already

Real quick post to say that I’m back in Sanbon, safe and sound.  I feel amazing.  Thanks for the recharge.  I didn’t realize how much I missed hugs until I was back home and remembered how many hugs are available to me.

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On a Jet Plane…

Tuesday 3pm, I’m on a plane bound for West Virginia. It’s odd because I land at 9pm in Huntington… but I’m traveling a whole heck of alot longer than 6 hours. It’s good for traveling in that direction, coming back to Korea is a whole other story.

Think happy “no-crashing-of-planes” thoughts for me. It’s a bit unnerving for me to fly by myself. I’ve done it before, but it’s not something I think I’ll ever get used to doing.

I’ve got a few things to take back to WV, but mostly my suitcase is empty… it has room to bring back lots of goodies with me.  I have a huge shopping list!


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FYI…. a trip home

I am super excited because I am going to be able to visit the Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.  I need a trip home.  This will be a solo trip, Seth is taking a different week of vacation.  He’s also a different sort of person than I am.  As much as I do enjoy getting to experience this amazing country… I miss home.  Mainly I need to get a few dozen hugs and I’ll be right as rain.  Not to mention that some Mexican food sounds amazing right about now.  My trip will be extremely short lived, but worth the trip.  I fly into Huntington June 9th!  Woo Hoo, just a few weeks away.

09-21-06Keith Albee Pics of Huntington.  :mrgreen:

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Ahhh, Memories of Home

Just like back home, there are pizza places all over.  Seth and I get a good laugh every time we see a Papa John’s.  He can’t seem to escape his former pizza delivery days. The pizza is similar to PJ back home, but not exactly.  They have sweet potato pizza, fish pizza, octopus pizza… and a few other kinds that I have no idea of  the ingredients.

Papa Johns delivery

Papa John's delivery

I found this today in E-mart… it’s a tiny pizza box with sticky notes.  Papo Joon’s…. still uses the Papa John’s slogan of “better ingredients, better pizza”.  This made me laugh, so I had to buy one.  It’s about 2 inches wide.   Soooo cute.

Papa Joons.... sooo funny.

Papo Joon's.... sooo funny.

Sticky Notes.... sooo funny

It’s a nice warm day today.  Hopefully the rain will stay away this weekend too.    :grin:

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