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Library Access

I have been a card-holding member of the Gunpo “tosagwan” library since March ’09.  (I realize that my picture is the absolute worst.)  Getting this card was super easy.  Just had to bring in a picture, have a local address and bring my ARC, Alien Registration Card.  The entire process took ten minutes, maybe a little less.

Surprisingly, it had a decent section of English books.  The books could only be checked out for seven days which put me into a nice routine.  Weekly I would make my journey, around the park, to the library.  It was such a pleasant walk that I enjoyed soo much.

Until one day, it was closed.

At first, there was just a tiny sign on the door that I couldn’t read.  I figured it was closed for holiday or some other weird reason that I wouldn’t understand because soo much happens here that I am left with more questions than answers.

I was wrong.

This was no quick remodel or paint job.  Soon, walls came tumbling down and the entire library was gutted.  A new sign appeared that I could understand only a single date.  February 5th, 2010.

Construction signs around the library.

The rest of my time in Sanbon will be spent without access to free English books to read.  :cry:

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Post Office

Turn left, walk 3 blocks.  That’s how easy it is, for me, to get to the Gunpo (Sanbon) post office.   Cheap postal services should cause me to mail more things back to the States, but with the ease of email and social networks I send very few correspondences through snail mail.

A buddy of mine requested a post card.  So, why not take a picture of it?

This card was one of 7 cards given to me by a buddhist monk.  This summer when I attended a ceremony, one of the monks gave me and my friend a pack of post cards.  Funny side note; shaved head, wearing traditional Buddhist robes, he handed us the envelopes full of post cards through the window of his SUV.  Some things, I will never understand.

The Gunpo post office.  At least the important part is in English.  :smile:

Walking through the turn style doorway you always see 15 other people, sometimes more.  Koreans usually don’t like to stand in line, they would rather “take a number”.  Just like American delis or DMV visits, you take a number and wait for your turn.

I love this.

People don’t push in line, they don’t cut in front of you, they don’t tell people to hurry up.  They accept their number and wait their turn.

Full of people, situated off to the side, is an area of self-service free packaging.  For public use are scissors, markers and tape, the good kind of tape that is meant to be used for shipping boxes.  Plus, there’s a giant table to lay your items on and organize your box.  It’s great.  This is when I am reminded why I love this country.

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Suri Suri Magic Festival

It was the 2nd Annual Magic Festival held in Gunpo.  (Suri Suri Magic Festival) The weekend kicked off with fireworks! We could see them from our apartment window… very cool.

Saturday there was a parade, albeit a short parade, still fun to watch.  A stage was set up with entertainers.  Costume Animals were walking the area.  Food vendors were out in full force and we even had a guy give us a freshly made rice cake for free. We were walking by and this machine was making a loud POP noise.  Of course, we were curious.   This guy was sitting on the ground just laughing and having a good time.  Then, every few seconds, a rice cake would fly out of this contraption into a wire cage.  These rice cakes are kinda like the Quaker Rice Cakes from back home, but these are flatter and wider… and made fresh, right in front of us. We accepted the rice cake and it was delicious.


This is a scene of downtown.  We were taking a coffee break.  It was rainy but felt great outside.  I was hoping to see more “magic” or at least some tarot readers.  Seoul has many tarot readers, all over the city, so I expected them to be here too :?: Overall, it turned out to be a nice day for a Magic Festival.  :mrgreen:

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