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Fun and Games

If you’re looking for good drinks, music upon request, darts, jenga and a fire show… I have the place for you.

R & C West

Tucked down a side street in Sanbon, on the second floor we find the most amazing bar.   It is not considered a Western Bar (meaning foreigners, not country western).  I enjoy hanging out in this place.

<– he’s really good

There is a fire show nightly.  This guy spits fire, twirls flaming bottles in the air and creates a cascade of fire on the bar.  Music blares and lights flash.

For bar patrons, there are also a bunch of silly little games.  My favorite is the Pirate in a barrel.  You punch in swords, one at a time, and eventually the pirate will jump out of the barrel.  Simple but soo fun.  Jenga, cards and some sort of dog biting game can also be found.  The dog game is similar to the pirate game in that you punch down teeth and eventually the dog bites you.

Cheap drinks are a bonus here.

It’s fun to let loose after a greuling week of teaching English.

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Claw Games

These machines were everywhere.  Walking the the tiny, crowded streets of the night markets, we spotted randomly placed Claw Games.  What made these particular games so interesting was the selection of toys.  Each box was filled to the brim with the exact same toy.  Bears, monkeys, space men, Mickey Mouse, tooth brushes, purses, candy, you name it… we probably saw a Claw Game full of that prize.   Each box contained a different toy, but still, it was odd to see so many of the same toy in one game.  Here are only a few examples found throughout Taipei.

The Claw Game Existential Horrorbean bags...

We did not play any of these games, in case you were wondering.

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