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Laughing While Walking

So I was walking around Sanbon the other day.  It was a sunny gorgeous day and people were crowding the streets.

At one of the crosswalk areas some cars were parked along the roadside.  This giant black SUV-type of vehicle was parked with its nose sticking a few inches into the crosswalk area where the white lines are painted.

Well, there was this little old lady walking in front of me.  She was super tiny, short and a bit hunched over.  Head to toe baby pink outfit complete with matching hat and shoes.  When the light changed for us to walk she did a sort of shuffle/stumble and fell onto this black vehicle.

The lady somehow thought the car was moving.  It must have freaked her out because she started to hit the trunk and yell at the car.  Keep in mind, this is a parked car with no one in the front seat.  Fingers pointing, fists pounding, head shaking… this little lady kept giving it good to the SUV.

I couldn’t help but laugh.

Finally, the lady decided she had given her peace of mind and went on her way.

It’s the little things in life that keep me smiling… even if it is at the expense of a cute little old lady.

17/365 Toys: Smile

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Let’s Learn English

Seeing the strange topics that Korean children learn in their English classes explains soo much.

Welcome to the English language… you will learn nothing but nonsense.


Booble? This is the most absurd story I have read thus far to my classes.  Keep in mind kids reading this range in age from 7-9 years old. What is up with this?  Why do children need to learn words like this? Booble was actually a vocabulary word they had on their tests!  And this picture… weird purple hairy monster that looks like Grimmace gone drag, only not wearing any clothing.  Heaven forbid that Bimble would get me in my sleep.

Ok, so this next fantastic lesson was for a class of 10 year olds.

Here’s a breakdown of how class went this day:

Me – Ok class, let’s talk about things that smell good and bad.  So tell me now… What is something that smells good? (silence)  Okay, what is something that smells bad?

Students – Teacher, teacher….Poo poo smells bad!

D-D-O-N-G!  D-D-O-N-G!  D-D-O-N-G! <– this is followed by loud laughter from the entire classroom and continued until class was over

Ddong is the Korean word for crap but they never say it they only spell it, which is odd.  They spent a good 20 minutes talking about poo and garbage.  No one could think of anything that smells good, except for one little girl that thought pizza smelled “so-so”.

And if you think that was bad,  you can only imagine how this next lesson went…

Yes,  this is an actual unit in a book meant for 12 year olds.  :!:

How much gas do you think the average person has a day? <– I did NOT ask my class any of these questions.  I was not about to open that can of worms.  Surprisingly, the children were much more mature than I ever expected.   Even with that said, I had them answer the questions in the book and then gave them an essay to write instead of talking.  Can you imagine how hard it was for me not to laugh the whole time?  Impossible, because I did end up laughing the entire class.

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My Dreams Were Invaded By Korean

Last night I had a whirlwind variety of dreams.  Everything from seeing my nephew Gavin standing in a sandpit at a park to eating caramel ice cream by a pond.  The weirdest dream of them all was conducted only in Korean that featured family and friends from the States.

Most of the dream was gibberish, but I understood it all.  There were actual Korean words that popped up throughout the dream, but otherwise it was my own twisted version of the Korean language.  Soo strange.

It was funny to see my friends from back home speaking Korean, or at least my own version of Korean.

I woke up laughing.

Oct 18th was the new moon.  Not New Moon as in the new Twilight movie, but new moon as in the lunar cycle.   When the new moon occurs it is a time of new beginnings, things to start fresh, rebirth or growing energy.  Maybe I had the dream with all my family and friends speaking Korean because I’m thinking about going back home.  It was my subconscious merging the two worlds together.  Since I can’t be home now, I just brought them all to Korea.

Who knows….  I wonder if anyone else had weird dreams.

wall paper Lost In Translation 25 Hours After New

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What Makes My Day a Happy Day

Some of the kids I teach are absolutely adorable.  In fact, I have found one of the cutest kids in the world… I am sure of it and I’ve seen some cute kids.

His name is Eddie… or at least his English name is Eddie.

I don’t want to say that I’d take this kid home with me, cuz I would get in trouble for that… but if this kid fit in my pocket, he’d be seeing America soon.  He knows more English than some of the English teachers I have met here.

Most kids just make funny faces when the camera comes out… Oh and little Eddie is in the background. :smile:

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Random Signs from Taipei

I thought the signs around Taipei were funny.  Signs on vehicles, in the subway, store names, massage parlors and on windows.  My favorite sign is the one from a restaurant that had toilets as seats and fake poo all over the tables and on the walls… it was hilarious.  Needless to say, we didn’t eat there.

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Claw Games

These machines were everywhere.  Walking the the tiny, crowded streets of the night markets, we spotted randomly placed Claw Games.  What made these particular games so interesting was the selection of toys.  Each box was filled to the brim with the exact same toy.  Bears, monkeys, space men, Mickey Mouse, tooth brushes, purses, candy, you name it… we probably saw a Claw Game full of that prize.   Each box contained a different toy, but still, it was odd to see so many of the same toy in one game.  Here are only a few examples found throughout Taipei.

The Claw Game Existential Horrorbean bags...

We did not play any of these games, in case you were wondering.

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Emart Pets

Emart really does have everything:  leather purses, oyster mushrooms, window cleaner, shoe polish, air mattresses, plasma screen TVs, paint brushes, Hello Kitty chopsticks and hedgehogs.  Yes, Emart sells hedgehogs.   How funny?

This 3 story supermarket, of sorts, sells just about anything you could need.  A tiny section of this giant store even sells pets.  Why not buy a pet lizard when you pick up dinner?  Why not, indeed…

These little hedgehogs were soo cute, I almost bought one… but what would I do with a hedgehog?  Mainly it’s funny to me because I’d name him ‘Sonic’ and make him run on a spinning wheel all day, just for giggles.  A turtle, on the other hand, would be an awesome pet.  I used to find turtles at the river and bring them home sometimes.  I’d have to take them back, every time.

Bunnies are a common pet here.  Many of my students have a pet bunny at home.  It makes sense, they’re small and don’t make much noise.  What really struck me by surprise today was the huge tank of hermit crabs.  I remember having hermit crabs when I was young.  We’d get them at the beach, and they’d always die within a few months.  Sad really, but I always wanted one.  But in Emart, all of the hermit crabs had their shells painted!  Not a single shell was “normal” and many of them had rhinestones.  You could also pick out a bigger shell for your crab, that was also painted in some weird, colorful design.   The shells were apparently painted before the crabs took residence, so it isn’t supposed to be harmful to them at all.

To add to this ‘Wall of Weird’ (Smallville reference) behind the gerbils, hampsters and lizards was an entire rack of bugs for sale.  Yes, you can buy your very own Hercules beetle, or various other beetle, if you so choose.

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Mothman’s Girlfriend?

Found in the Seoul Zoo… Mothman’s girlfriend.  She was smiling and wearing a tobogan that read ‘Seoul Korea’.

She wasnt scary

She wasn't scary

Mothmans Girlfriend... maybe...

Mothman's Girlfriend... maybe...

For those of you that don’t know who the Mothman is… it’s this scary creature supposedly living in WV.  People come from all over America to try and catch a glimpse of this mythical being.   Is he real?  I don’t know.  But many people have seen or felt it’s paranormal presence.  Even movies have been made with the Mothman as inspiration.

Halfway around the world, and it still surprises me when I run across things that remind me of home.

Mothman Waits | 365 Prep THE MOTHMAN!

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Funny Signs

This shouldn’t be funny… it’s quite sad.  But I laughed and decided to share.  Keep in mind that this is for an English school.  It’s actually the name of the school, which makes it even funnier… or more sad, depending on how you think about it.   Found this sign while wandering around Anyang.

This is over the main entrance to the school.

This is over the main entrance to the school.

Pic of the entire sign

Pic of the entire sign

This weekend is supposed to be sunny, so Seth is going to go hiking.  The past 2 weekends it has rained and rained, so I’m glad to have some dry free-days.

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It’s taking Penny Loafers to a whole new level….

Shoes from a magazine

Shoes from a magazine

I really wish I could take pictures of all the shoes I see here.  Most women wear amazing shoes, everyday, all day.  I feel weird snapping shots of women’s feet, but the shoes in this magazine are shoes I have actually seen someone wear.  Now, I don’t think these particular shoes are nice in anyway… but they make me laugh.   I couldn’t help myself.

:cry: Of course, I can’t shop for new shoes here because their sizes don’t go above a size 9… and even 9 is very rare.  My size 10 feet are going to have to wait for a trip to the good ol’ U.S.

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