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Taiwan Flowers

Even more amazing flowers spread out through Taiwan.
Taipei is hosting the 2010 International Flower Expo. I saw them fixing and repairing the stadium on our visit.The event seems to be a big deal for the area.  Taipei is also home to the International Gardening and Horticultural Expo. After seeing the Taiwan country side and witnessing some of the natural beauty, I can see why such Expos choose this area to host.  I did not, however, get any pictures of the Botanical Garden.  It was an amazing sight to see, but I did not have the camera.

Purple Lotus (DSCN1240) Coreopsis

flower in the rain ?? Water lily

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More Flowers

Bright pinks, fiery oranges, sunshine yellows, royal purples and deep greens are found all over this beautiful country.  Flowers keep me sane.

Most intriguing, to me, is the 2nd flower image.  Although this flower looks simple in design, it stood out like the red headed child amidst it’s plain brown haired siblings.  This flower was one of the few flowers in the patch that had a burgundy center.  The many other surrounding flowers looked like Black Eyed Susans, their bright orange petals extending all the way to the center.  Such an amazing flower patch.  I enjoy finding new or exotic flowers.  They may not be exotic to Korea, but at least new and exotic to me.

This lovely assortment of flowers has been captured on film by either Seth or myself.  :mrgreen:

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Good Luck Wishes

I’ve noticed that every time a new store, restaurant or coffee shop opens they put out flowers.   These flower-plant combos have ribbon banners… I have no idea what they mean.  I heard they are to bring good luck to the new businesses.  But what I don’t get is why they have to be sooo gaudy.

Good luck flowers

Good luck flowers

These were in front of an “everything” type of store.  Everything from hair things to clocks.

In addition to the flowers, usually a woman stands out front of the store all day with a microphone.  I assume she’s telling everyone to come to the store and see what’s new.  There was a bakery that opened up just below our apartment and for 2 days straight, we could hear a woman talking from 7am to very late at night… drove us nuts.  We’ve also seen clowns on stilts making balloon animals.  That part is funny to watch.  The children go ga-ga over the clown (I guess some things are the same in every culture).  The food type stores are known to give free samples for the first few days of opening, and people swarm in front of the sample tables.

Stores and restaurants close and re-open in a matter of days. One day it’s there, the next day it’s a completely different store.  This place moves fast.  No time goes to waste.  A small French bakery closed down, within 3 days it was opened again as a completely different Dunkin Donut shop… fully stocked and serving customers.  Complete renovation, not just a new paint job with a different sign… No, I’m talking the place was completely gutted and remade.  It’s wild.

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:razz: Since the weather has warmed up, the flowers have been blooming in full force.  It is gorgeous here.  Some of the flowers I recognize, but others I have never seen.  Flowers make me happy.

Tree peony flowerMorning in All Its GloryCambridge (Hespeler) Ontario: Goatsbeard (Aruncus)

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Cherry Blossoms

This weekend we went to Namsan to enjoy the Cherry Blossoms.  It was the most beautiful walk I have been on in a long time.


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Spring has Sprung

It’s warming up.  The flowers are blooming and the scenery is looking even more stunning.  Cherry Blossoms line the streets of Sanbon.  It’s gorgeous.  I love walking around this town.

View from skywalk.

View from skywalk.

Our building is on the right… it’s just beyond the reddish building.  The big mountainside you see in the background is Surisan (Suri Mountain).

I finally made it to the post office today.  I’ve been meaning to do that for at least a month now.  :smile: It’s Easter weekend… I hope everyone has a  nice holiday.  We miss everyone and will be thinking about you all.

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Palace Grounds – Botanical Observatory

Everything was soo beautiful.  I can’t wait to go back in the Spring when all the trees are in bloom because I’m sure it’ll be even more amazing. These are pictures from the Observatory that was on the Palace grounds.  I was amazed from the first plant to the last.  Just about every plant, I had never seen before.  I wish I could bring some of these home with me.

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