A bit of Korean culture.

Wedding Ducks

Traditional Korean Wedding Ducks

Traditional Korean Wedding Ducks

Okay, so I have been seeing duck pairs all over the place.  They’re usually wooden, and the bills are always different colors.  I’ve seen them in all different sizes too.  Well, I finally heard what they’re for and what they represent…. Sooo, I thought I’d share.

These are used in Korean weddings to represent the Bride and Groom.  But the string will be tied around the “girl” duck’s bill… to show how the bride will be quiet and submissive to her husband.  Isn’t that nice?

Korean wedding ducks <– can be given as gifts.

wedding ducks <—“girl” ducks with bills tied

Well, I have been sick for 2 days now.  Seth thinks it is because of the Yellow Dust.  I’m just very glad that it is the weekend.  I’ll have time to rest and get better.

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