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Let’s Learn English

Seeing the strange topics that Korean children learn in their English classes explains soo much.

Welcome to the English language… you will learn nothing but nonsense.


Booble? This is the most absurd story I have read thus far to my classes.  Keep in mind kids reading this range in age from 7-9 years old. What is up with this?  Why do children need to learn words like this? Booble was actually a vocabulary word they had on their tests!  And this picture… weird purple hairy monster that looks like Grimmace gone drag, only not wearing any clothing.  Heaven forbid that Bimble would get me in my sleep.

Ok, so this next fantastic lesson was for a class of 10 year olds.

Here’s a breakdown of how class went this day:

Me – Ok class, let’s talk about things that smell good and bad.  So tell me now… What is something that smells good? (silence)  Okay, what is something that smells bad?

Students – Teacher, teacher….Poo poo smells bad!

D-D-O-N-G!  D-D-O-N-G!  D-D-O-N-G! <– this is followed by loud laughter from the entire classroom and continued until class was over

Ddong is the Korean word for crap but they never say it they only spell it, which is odd.  They spent a good 20 minutes talking about poo and garbage.  No one could think of anything that smells good, except for one little girl that thought pizza smelled “so-so”.

And if you think that was bad,  you can only imagine how this next lesson went…

Yes,  this is an actual unit in a book meant for 12 year olds.  :!:

How much gas do you think the average person has a day? <– I did NOT ask my class any of these questions.  I was not about to open that can of worms.  Surprisingly, the children were much more mature than I ever expected.   Even with that said, I had them answer the questions in the book and then gave them an essay to write instead of talking.  Can you imagine how hard it was for me not to laugh the whole time?  Impossible, because I did end up laughing the entire class.

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What Makes My Day a Happy Day

Some of the kids I teach are absolutely adorable.  In fact, I have found one of the cutest kids in the world… I am sure of it and I’ve seen some cute kids.

His name is Eddie… or at least his English name is Eddie.

I don’t want to say that I’d take this kid home with me, cuz I would get in trouble for that… but if this kid fit in my pocket, he’d be seeing America soon.  He knows more English than some of the English teachers I have met here.

Most kids just make funny faces when the camera comes out… Oh and little Eddie is in the background. :smile:

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Taiwanese Cooking Class

To learn about a culture, is to learn about their food.  Cooking is such a relaxing and enjoyable event for me that it only makes sense to experience local cuisine the way it’s meant to be prepared and consumed.  Jodie’s Kitchen was the perfect place to spend a Sunday afternoon.  Not only did we escape the insane heat and eat some delicious food, we learned about Taiwan culture and cuisine from a very altruistic Taiwanese woman.  I had such a good time… I’d recommend her cooking class to anyone that enjoys good food and good company.  We opted for the one day cooking class, but she has a variety of options to choose from.

Menu for the day:
  • Soy bean milk
  • Soft tofu with Taiwanese dressing
  • Sour and spicy soup
  • Black sesame paste: with veggies
  • White sesame paste: Taiwanese sesame noodles
  • Spicy Sichuan (Szechuan) flower pepper oil: served on pineapples
  • Spicy Sichuan sweet and sour dressing: served on cucumbers
  • Fried rice

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School Day

The school is a quick walk down the street from our apartment.  Everyone there is soo nice and happy to have us around.  Seth has even been offered to teach another class to older students.  Another day, another Won (it’s the Korean currency).  :razz: Okay, so I laughed at that one.

Anyway… the books we teach from are filled with Disney and Pixar characters.  All day long we sing and have fun with little kids.  It’s great.  The directors feel it is best to learn english from something you find interesting… the kids enjoy cartoons, so therefore they participate in class.  It makes sense, and they really do enjoy reading the stories.

I have kids that BEG to read certain parts or characters… it’s hilarious.

July 25, 2006: Mike WazowskiLightning McQueen Cruising Type - Cars - Tomica

Monsters and Cars are used alot in my book.

We work with only one other Westerner.  He’s from Tennessee.  The guy has been here for 4 months, likes it here and says he’s had no problems with the school.  So, this is good.

I’ve been making alot of rice dishes lately.  Almost like a fried rice, but I don’t actually fry anything.  It’s good stuff… thank goodness I like rice.  :smile: Seth has discovered these noodle wraps… if we were in China they’d be called Dim Sum… but not sure what they’re called here.  He eats them everyday, almost.

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