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Still Sweating in Cambodia

We spent a few days in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.


Minimal waves, comfy umbrella chairs, yummy coconut drinks, lazy days…

Orange, peach, cream and periwinkle stripe the sky at sunset.  I can’t convey how amazing it is to see the night like this with only palm trees in the skyline.  It reminded me of something I’ve seen on a T-shirt.

Visited Kep, Cambodia today for a short visit.  It’s a quick tuk tuk ride away from Kampot, which is where we are staying right now.  Several people have told us that Kep serves the best crab around.  They were right!  The crab was scrumptious, veggies were perfection and dinner ended with free pineapple.  Two people, only $12!

You! I´m gonna eat you!

Travel time is winding down for me.  I’m thrilled to get home because I miss my family and friends, but sad because I love to travel.  Sometimes I wish the world wasn’t soo big and I could fit in quicker trips home.

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Baeksajang Beach

What goes better with flying than kayaking?        Nothing I tell ya, nothing.

There is a company called Korean Safari that has weekend getaway trips to various locations in and around Korea.  This was my first adventure with them, but a bunch of people I know have highly recommended them.

Our trip was a 2-part weekend adventure: Flying and Kayaking.


The Flying took place at Taen Airfield.  The Cessna 172 planes held 4 people and only one could actually fly.  Seth won ‘Rock-Scissor-Paper’ so he was the lucky one that took control of our plane for a while.  Flying around was a huge success.  I loved every moment.

The Kayaking took place on Baeksajang Beach.  Unfortunately this portion was Kayak-Fail.  Seth and I kayaked in the ocean for about 45 minutes, and we were some of the lucky few that spent a long time paddling around.  But the tour group leaders didn’t plan ahead very well, and they had no way of getting the kayaks from the airfield to the beach.  So they took 3 trips in someone’s car and brought only 6 kayaks to the beach.

This all took place in Anmyeondo region. Anmyeondo is a large island over 232.5 km long.  We stayed in a hostel-like place called Dream Beach.  It oddly reminded me of a 1950’s Myrtle Beach.  There were small carnival games, giant umbrellas, and a mini-mart that sold ice cream and beer.

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Hanagae Beach

I took a weekend trip with some delightful girls.  Fabulous time.

Muuido Island was 2 1/2 hours away from Sanbon, a bit West of Incheon… soo worth the travel time on the subway, bus, ferry and another bus.  Hanagae Beach is this tiny beach with an extremely low tide, as in 2K of low tide sandy nothingness.  I loved the rocky cliffs and had fun exploring a few of the rock areas.

The jellyfish were insane.  On the ferry ride, we could see giant jellyfish floating around.  I am not kidding when I say that some of them were bigger than me!

Upon arrival, I was shocked to see soo many Westerners.   It certainly wasn’t any Myrtle Beach or Daytona… thank goodness.  But adding to the 50, give or take, Westerners were Koreans dressed head to toe in hiking gear, swimming fully clothed, clamming in the low tide area, mud wrestling, and spinning until they fall down.   Such a great place to people watch.   I read a book, lounged, sat by a bonfire, ate sooo much ice cream and got sunburned.  The lobster family has welcomed me in with open claws.

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Haeundae Aquarium on the Beach in Busan

Our first day in Busan we went to Haeundae Beach.  We both love aquariums and couldn’t resist checking this one out.  It was the weirdest… most amazing aquarium I’ve ever seen.

The shark tank was a bit scary. There were maybe 8 huge sharks that kept coming up to the glass… I was only a few inches away from Jaws!! Every time I turned around and one of those monsters was behind me, I jumped a bit. Some of the fish were the size of small cars… it was wild.

It amazes me how different the fish are on this side of the world.

The aquarium had a funny theme… they used fish to imitate famous works of art.

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Haeundae Beach

We didn’t actually make it into the water, but we did enjoy the beautiful scenery.  Haeundae Beach is only one of the beaches in Busan.  At first, we thought we were looking at the North Pacific Ocean… but it’s not.  The ocean behind us is the Sea of Japan.

Enjoying the fabulous day

Enjoying the fabulous day

Haeundae Beach

Haeundae Beach

The water was a gorgeous aqua blue color.  Basically it was your typical beach scene:  People on jet skis were riding up and down along the coast, footballs being passed, girls lounging on towels, kids building sand castles, seagulls stealing lunches from picnics…

There was No Smoking on the beach.

There was No Smoking on the beach.

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