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Leaving Korea

Things you should know when leaving Korea after a year of teaching…

I did alot of research about leaving Korea and things that needed to be taken care of or completed before making the final plane voyage out of Kimchistan.  Most of what I found was conflicting information or outdated.

I can tell you that the date on your Alien Registration Card (ARC) is very important.

We were told that we had a week or so after our final working day to leave Korea without a penalty.  This is wrong!  You must be at the airport by midnight of the ending date on your ARC.  This date will vary from your actual Visa dates, but they will go by the date on your ARC.  Things I read online were that the dates aren’t important and that it is up to the airport staff as to whether you pay a fine or if they let you pass through.  Most things I read told me not to worry, told me to leave whenever.

If your current employer in Korea does not renew your ARC, then you are overstaying your visa even if it’s only by 1 day.  Our employer told us that things would be fine.  He either lied or didn’t know.  I suspect that he did know, but wanted us to continue working that final day.

At the airport, it took us almost three hours to go through security because of the stupid one day over on our ARC.  We were shuffled to various offices, filled out various documents, and received a nasty stamp in our passport that says we overstayed our visa.  They were going to make us pay $150 each, but they would have had to hold the plane for us to have enough time to give them money.  So, instead of holding the plane they made us run to our terminal.  We actually had to RUN through the airport to make our flight.  It was awful.  We were the last people on the plane and everyone was upset with us.

Keep in mind that we each had a carry on bag, laptop bag AND guitar case!  Seth had his original acoustic and I had his newly acquired Korean Bass guitar.

All of this just made me happy that I was leaving Korea.  I was no longer sad.

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The 30 Hours Back to SK

I have never been in an airport this much in my entire life.

7am – left Huntington

4pm- left Cincinnati

11:30 pm – left Los Angeles

3:50am – arrived in Seoul

I did, however, have time to decompress from my visit and think about how lucky I am.  I really do have a wonderful family and an amazing group of friends.  It was nice to chill and read a book while hanging out in the various airports.  I knew I’d have this horrendous travel time, but it was worth every minute.

My plane from Cincy to LA

My plane from Cincy to L.A.

Amazing sunrise from the plane

Amazing sunrise from the plane

Its soo cool to be above the clouds

It's soo cool to be above the clouds

When looking down onto the clouds, I always look for patterns.  Things take shapes just like they do when I look up at them.  But from a plane I see landscapes… which makes sense, I guess.  I see mountains and rivers.  Sometimes I see giant swirl areas, which are gorgeous, but always make me think of tornadoes.  There is just something peaceful about being high in the clouds.  This is the only part of flying that I enjoy.

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Last night in WV… for a while

I am soo lucky to have such amazing friends.  We went out Saturday nite to listen to some friends of ours play and celebrate the upcoming adventure.

Amy, Paul, Me & Angela

Amy, Paul, Me & Angela

Bobert, John, Lonnie & Seth

Bobert, John, Lonnie & Seth

It was a great way to end our last night in Huntington.  Even my sister came out with us.

Ang & Me

Ang & Me

Sunday evening… thru a semi-blizzard… Ang and Dad drove Seth and I up to Columbus.  I sit now in the airport lobby waiting for our early morning flight.  I could use a plethora of emotions to describe how I feel right now… excited, scared, nervous, joyful, determined, sad, proud… not one particular word fits right now.  It will be one day before we are in Korea and I still have no idea what to expect.  Change is always scary but I think Seth and I are in for the time of our lives.  :grin:

Think happy thoughts for us.


Just to let you know… we made it to Sanbon safely!  Our apartment is cozy and we’re unpacking stuff.  I’ll post pics soon of it all.  :razz:

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