We spent a few days in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.


Minimal waves, comfy umbrella chairs, yummy coconut drinks, lazy days…

Orange, peach, cream and periwinkle stripe the sky at sunset.  I can’t convey how amazing it is to see the night like this with only palm trees in the skyline.  It reminded me of something I’ve seen on a T-shirt.

Visited Kep, Cambodia today for a short visit.  It’s a quick tuk tuk ride away from Kampot, which is where we are staying right now.  Several people have told us that Kep serves the best crab around.  They were right!  The crab was scrumptious, veggies were perfection and dinner ended with free pineapple.  Two people, only $12!

You! I´m gonna eat you!

Travel time is winding down for me.  I’m thrilled to get home because I miss my family and friends, but sad because I love to travel.  Sometimes I wish the world wasn’t soo big and I could fit in quicker trips home.