Where to begin?

After our exhausting travel out of Korea, life has become extremely pleasant.   Landing in Bangkok, Thailand instantly brought a smile to my face. 

I haven’t stopped smiling.    :mrgreen:

Thai food has always been a favorite of mine, but I didn’t know exactly how good it should be.  I have no words for how scrumptious this food tastes.  Green, yellow, and massaman curries have become my breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I don’t miss kimchi at all… yet. 

So far, my adventure includes:

  1. getting a haircut (I got 4 inches cut off!! Seth basically shaved his head.)
  2. oil massage (Seth got Thai massage)
  3. listening to live music
  4. floating market
  5. petting tigers (quite scary actually)
  6. overnight train ride
  7. swimming in clear-green waters
  8. lounging & reading on the beach
  9. snorkeling (1st time to do this)
  10. kayaking in the ocean
  11. witnessing a Thai ocean sunset
  12. boat ride around various islands
  13. seeing stars!!!  (can’t see stars in Korea)
  14. napping (which is something I never do)
  15. all the yummy curry I could ever want


 PAD THAi BANGKOK Panang Curry Thai green curry with prawns

Hopefully soon I’ll get to a place that I can upload my pictures.  These things can be more appreciated with a picture to illustrate my ramblings.