I love to discover that there is yet another amazing place to dine in Sanbon.  It’s hidden away in the basement of a giant building near the subway station.  Once inside the restaurant you are surrounded by deep hues of red and purple, curtains hang around many of the tables, candles are lit, pillows line the floor, a crystal chandelier hangs over a small pond full of shiny rocks, and the smell of food makes you salivate.  Sadly, I don’t even know the name of this restaurant.

This place is wonderful in that it brings all the food out in various courses.  The food just keeps coming and coming.  If you want more of one of the courses, they’ll bring out more of that course.  It’s great.   We ate salad, potatoes, pineapples, 3 types of beef, chicken curry and grilled teriyaki chicken.  There was soo much food that we only ordered more of one of the beef dishes.  The spices were unique in that I couldn’t even begin to describe them.  I will be going back to this place for sure.