When the door opens, the smell makes me salivate.  Instantly I go from comfortable to starving.  It is time for delicious food.  Sam gyup sal translates roughly to mean 3-layered pork belly… or “bacon”.  This stuff looks like yummy bacon, but it’s not cured, so it’s extremely different than the bacon we’d eat back home for breakfast.

One thing I love about Korea is getting to cook our own food on the tables.  There is a small restaurant called ‘Don Day’ extremely close to our apartment that we frequent because the sam gyup sal is fabulous.  The menu is simple, but it is a very filling and satisfying meal.

Put the meat and kimchi on the grill.

Now the meat sizzles and cooks.

Once it cooks, cut up the meat and kimchi into bite size peices.  We always throw garlic and onions on the grill too. YUM.

Now roll it up in lettuce and enjoy.  YUM.  :razz:

The aftermath… a dirty grill.