I had the best time visiting WV.  It was the recharge that I needed.  My family and friends are just amazing.  I ate good food (had spaghetti for breakfast even), received more hugs than I can count, bought the cutest clothes to bring back with me, and hung out with my nephew as much as I possibly could. I got to visit with my parents, grandparents, sister, one of my uncles, 2 cousins, the in-laws, and most of my friends. Thank you to all that made an effort to see me while I was in… it really meant alot to me.

The thing I wasn’t expecting to happen was how I felt when I came back to Korea. I missed it while I was gone. I got off the airport shuttle, was walking to my apartment and couldn’t stop smiling. Maybe it was the recharge that made me appreciate what I actually do have here. I was happy to see my park and even had a chamchi (tuna) kimbap for lunch, which I absolutely love.

Things are back to normal around here. Working and relaxing. I am soo much more calm from being here, instead of working 2 jobs, going to school, and student teaching. I forgot how to enjoy down-time.