Not being Korean, Seth and I were not really affected by the death of their former president, Roh Moo-hyun.  He jumped off a cliff while hiking on May 23.  People here were very mixed about him.  There were a few riots in Seoul, that we knew nothing about until after the fact.  In Sanbon, they set up a Memorial for him.  People lined up in massive lines to pay respect.  It was a very sad and humbling event to witness.  They took off their shoes, and some had flowers to lay in front of his picture.  The memorial was up from Wednesday night to Friday night.  Each day something new added.  More flowers, another tent, candles, prayer flags…

Memorial in Sanbon

Memorial in Sanbon (last night of the memorial)

Daytime pic

Daytime pic (on the 1st day)

Prayer Flags

Prayer Flags