Never have I ever been witness to soo many scooters.  When the light turned green, I kid you not, 50+ scooters went through the intersection.  I thought, ‘Whoa, check out the scooter gang’.  Then I realized that at the opposite stop light were just as many or more scooters waiting for the light to change.  Scooters lined the streets by the hundreds.  Most of them were beat up and very worn.  It was insane.  Entire parking lots were designated for scooters only, and they were FULL.  It’s normal for every inch of the road to be utilized in order to fit in a row or two of scooters that weave between cars.  Taiwan has a serious scooter culture.

In this last  picture, look at the far right scooter.  It has a family of 3.  We even saw a family of 4 riding around a few times, some holding infants.  People rode scooters with their dogs, their children, holding pizza, hauling very large tanks of propane… Surprisingly they don’t have many accidents either.

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